Why should I have a support contract?

  • Having purchased a bespoke software application or website you have invested a significant amount of time and money in a solution to improve the efficiency of your business. A support contract is an insurance policy to protect your investment.
  • Whilst every effort is made to deliver a bug-free implementation, obscure bugs can manifest themselves many months after implementation.
  • Web interfaces are designed for the current and recent generation of browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer versions 11, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome). Browsers are continually evolving and new versions often require re-work to ensure existing applications work correctly.
  • Bespoke Applications often link into and have dependencies on the operating system (e.g. Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10) and the version of Microsoft Office products (MS Word, Excel and Outlook) installed on the user’s PC. Switching to new operating systems or installing new versions of MS Office may require changes to your software application.
  • Legislative changes in finance and tax may require changes to be made to your bespoke application, particularly e-commerce solutions where regulatory and security changes are common.
  • Your Business is continually evolving and the perfect solution today will not necessarily be the most efficient approach tomorrow. Bespoke applications are often refined to reflect a business change.

What benefits does a support contract give me?

  • Under the support contract you can call us for advice and guidance on getting the most from your purchased solution, training on a specific task, ad-hoc reports, minor enhancements and bug fixes

What does a support contract cost?

  • We estimate the number of support days required per quarter based on the size and complexity of the software application. Support requirements fluctuate e.g. A new system typically requires more support for the first and second Quarter after installation, or after major enhancements.
  • To ensure you are not overpaying or underpaying, we send you a ticketing report every month detailing support time used. At the end of each support quarter we send a quarterly renewal invitation where we adjust the number of days up or down to reflect usage in the previous quarter. Support is invoiced quarterly in advance.

How do I renew my Support Contract?

  • A renewal invite will be emailed a the end of your support quarter along with a ticketing report for the quarter. You can accept the quotation via email.  If you do not  accept or decline the renewal invite it will be auto-renewed for the next quarter. If you subsequently cancel an auto-renewed contract you will receive a refund for the balance of time not used or any whole months remaining, whichever is the lesser amount.

How can I cancel a support contract?

  • You can choose not to renew at each quarterly renewal point by explicitly declining our renewal quotation.

What happens if I exceed my purchased time?

  • Overspend will be invoiced at the end of the Quarter in addition to any invoices for the coming quarter.

What happens if I under use support time?

Unused support time is not carried forward into the next quarter but the number of support days would be reduced for the next quarter to reflect low usage.